Tools for a lifetime,
crafted with joy
Part two

Tools for a lifetime, crafted with joy
Part two

New Tools for Writing with Joy is a collection designed in collaboration with product designer Makoto Koizumi.

We sought to create enduring tools that travel with us on a journey; tools that blend into daily life, yet inspire us with every use.

We introduce to you the makers across Japan who helped to bring our vision to life.

All are seasoned in their craft with a passion for Japanese cherry, and we’re grateful for their expertise, open mind and patience.

Nib holder

Kumano in Hiroshima is a region well-known for the traditional craft of brush making.

Our nib holder is manufactured by Nakamura Woodworks, one of the last remaining workshops in the region that specialise in the production of brush handles.

In the time since third-generation owner Koji Iwanaga joined the company, there has been a shift in demand from shodo (calligraphy) brushes to makeup brushes, which comprise more than two thirds of their production today.

If you come across a Kumano brush, it may have been crafted by Iwanaga and his team.

The simplicity of the nib holder highlights the beauty of the material and the slightest details — it took countless prototypes and fine-tuning to arrive at the final form, and we thank Iwanaga for his generosity and meticulous work.

Pen rest

Our pen rest is manufactured by Arai Woodworks in Nakatsugawa, Gifu.

The company started as a sawmill, processing timber from the nearby Kiso mountain range to supply the construction industry.

Today, it operates all stages of timber processing from sawmilling to end product manufacturing, building on years of expertise with the raw material and an ongoing commitment to workmanship.

Owner Kiyohito Arai and Koizumi have worked together for over a decade.

Working on prototypes, the two men seemed to embody the pure enthusiasm of children at play.

Wooden ink bottle cap

We have been working with a furniture maker in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, who welcomed our design concept and took on the production of our ink bottle cap — their smallest project to date.

Making threaded ink bottle caps from solid Japanese cherry has been no easy feat.

Of the timbers most susceptible to temperature and humidity, Japanese cherry is highly varied in its density and grain, which is often only revealed upon cutting the wood.

With the help of Koizumi and our manufacturer, we’re well on our way to creating a product that combines the warmth of wood with exceptional functionality.

We look forward to presenting our latest tool soon.

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